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MEAN stack is a popular technology stack, also known as a software stack that is used in the development of modern applications and consists of numerous technology layers. MEAN stack has paved the way for JavaScript to be introduced as a new full-stack development programming language capable of running both front-end and back-end areas of applications. If you’re curious about mean stack web design or its benefits, keep reading.
The number of MEAN stack developers has risen by 225 percent, according to recent figures. In MEAN, each letter is significant and represents a separate part of the stack.

  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • Angular
  • Node js

One of the most important advantages of the Mean Stack Development Services is that it is completely built on JavaScript from any angle. As a consequence, the significant continuity seen in the production period is achieved. Having a server-side JavaScript framework as well as a client-side JavaScript framework simplifies development because every part of the software, from database objects to client-side code, is scripted in a single language.

The consistency provided is very different from the mixed bag of LAMP that was formerly used for web application creation.

LAMP, like MEAN, represents individual components dependent on each letter of the name.

  • Linux
  • Apache HTTP
  • MySQL
  • Python/Perl/PHP
However, both of these stacks have only a few characteristics in common.

Any of this does not imply the LAMP is somehow flawed. It is now commonly used and provides various benefits across each of its stack elements. While MEAN’s stability attribute unquestionably outweighs its skill. Using the same language and applying the same language definition at each point of a stack makes it easy for software developers to grasp the whole stack at the same time.


MongoDB development is somewhat close to that of other NoSQL frameworks that use a scheme-less design. Data storing and retrieval was carried out using JSON documents, which may have several nested fields. Such adaptability is advantageous when developing a mean stack web app quickly when dealing with changing requirements.

However, Mongo is often followed by a few drawbacks that you do not want to overlook. One such limitation is the vulnerability associated with MongoDB. As a result, when installing it in the production world, make sure to take the requisite security measures.

Furthermore, developers with a background in relational databases could need to spend some time learning how Mongo works.

Express JS

Express is regarded as one of the best middle-tier frameworks, making significant contributions to Java web application development. This system has a small number of features that reflect its simplicity. This web server, on the other hand, can be easily extended by the use of plugins. This architecture means that the system stays performant and, most importantly, lightweight.

Express js development does not have any extra idea overhead because it is designed to be as simple as possible.

Angular JS

Angular JS is a platform used for front-end creation of any MEAN stack application. JavaScript is used to format the server provided by the HTML templates. This means that the function associated with the rendering of every web page is passed straight to the client-side. Front-end architecture of Angular has become very popular in the case of many single-page web applications.

One of the most notable disadvantages of this application is that it is written in Typescript, which is a language somewhat close to JavaScript. Many people, however, may consider this to be a breach of the MEAN stack concepts, which represent the use of JavaScript in all possible aspects. However, since Typescript and JavaScript are so closely related and identical, the transformation is very straightforward.

Node JS

Finally, Node JS architecture is another technology aligned with the MEAN stack. The runtime is based on JavaScript and operates on the server-side of the MEAN stack web application instances. The V8 JavaScript engine operated by Google is not only responsible for the operation of the Chrome browser site, but it is also the technology on which Node JS is based. It can be noted that this technology is cross-platform and can run on both the client and server sides. Aside from that, Node has some major benefits in terms of efficiency when compared to standard web-based servers such as Apache.

In comparison to standard web servers, Node JS takes a special approach to web queries. The traditional approach entails the server spawning a new execution thread or even new processes to handle web requests. However, the mechanism of spawning is thought to be more productive and dominant than forking.

Despite the fact that the overhead involved with one of the two causes is very substantial. With several threads involved, top-loaded systems can spend critical cycles switching contexts or scheduling threads, providing availability limits, or even adding latency.

The fact that Node.js is by far one of the most powerful implementations of all time, on the other hand, remains unchanged. When juggling a large number of connections, Node does not need a large amount of memory in contrast to its rivals. As a result, Node has become a popular choice for building web servers. The Node is the only component that completely justifies MEAN’s consequence.

Here are some of the Advantages of using Mean Stack to Build

  • JavaScript web applications.
  • Allows for the creation of a basic open source implementation as well as the development of stable and maintainable solutions.
  • Aids in the fast growth of technologies.
  • MEAN is a full-stack JavaScript that is completely free.
  • Throughout the construction of your stack, only one consistent language can be used.
  • It has a very small memory footprint/overhead.
  • It assists you in avoiding needless groundwork.
  • The application is well-organized.
  • MongoDB is designed for the cloud.
  • The server layer is simplified by JavaScript.
  • MEAN ensures the programming is isomorphic.


The above discussion clearly notifies us with the vast popularity and potential of MEAN stack. Once you have made use of MEAN stack development services to get your website built, get in touch with Shiv Technolabs, a Mean stack Development Company in Australia to hire Mean stack developers. It is one of the top web development companies globally.